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  • Why do I need to make an appointment?
    Making an appointment for your consultation allows me to dedicate time and expertise specifically for you. We can discuss your vision and I can offer personalized recommendations and ensure everything is perfect for your big day! Plus, it helps me manage my schedule effectively.
  • Do you offer wedding packages?
    No, Everything I do is custom made to fit the clients needs. Please note that I do have a $700 minimum.
  • Should I have a budget in mind before meeting with you?
    Yes, if it is possible. It helps me understand your financial expectations. The average floral wedding budget is 8-10% of your wedding total.
  • How far in advance should I secure my date for wedding flowers?
    It is advisable that you secure your date at least 6 months to a 1 year out. If you are planning on getting married in a popular month, for example May or October, it’s even more important to secure the date as early as a possible.
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